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My name is Marie and I too am not a Dutch national. I have moved here in 2012 from Germany. I am offering expats in and around Eindhoven transformational coaching, meditation courses, mindfulness trainings and more. Book a free call to get to know me and find out how I can help you to prosper and thrive.

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Especially for you - the english speaking "Eindhovenaar" I have created this wonderful One-Day-Retreat. As the name suggests, we are slowing down. If you find it difficult to sit still or to 'do nothing' this is the right place for you to find yourself and accept the silence - even if it's tough at times.

What can you expect:

  • Connecting excercises
  • Mindfulness excersies
  • guided meditations and silence meditations
  • sharing of experiences and insights
  • learning to cope with stresfull situations
  • practical tips for everyday use
  • writing excerises

Arrive, take your time, calm down and decelerate. This way you can learn to feel again and get in contact with yourself.
Everyone is welcome - with or without experience in meditation of mindfulness

Slow-Down workshop

September 17th 2022 || 13:00 – 16:00
Location:  Eindhoven
Price EUR 88,- incl. vat, material and snacks

About Marie 

The road to finding yourself is a long one and requires working on issues you might not want to be confronted with. Marie followed her path and started doing the work i 2011. She still is - as it's an ongoing process - and felt shift after shift in awareness, connection and trust! She has discovered since, that life has a lot of magic and wonder in store for you. The journey to yourself is not always easy, but always worth it. Which is why she offers meditation courses, retreats and mindfulness workshops  for peiople in search of the same. Marie is a meditation trainer, mindfulnesscoach and transformation coach. 

Your possibilities:

Transformational coaching

My role is to help you on your path to personal growth.

This inquiry probes deeper into the question of “who am I?” 

The sessions
During our sessions, of 50minutes we will use different methods to find out what’s holding you back or what are the roadblocks on your path forward. We will also focus on rehoning your efforts to reach the goals you’re targeting. 

You will emerge from this process able to develop a greater sense of yourself and do understand the difference between YOU and your thoughtsdiscover solutions to challenges you’re up against. You will develop an action plan, and I will help you develop the motivation to take action.

Transformational coaching works with (negative) beliefs of the ego

Our ego labels experiences as negative, bad or dangerous and these beliefs are often rooted in our foundation and believed to be true.  Our mind, our body and our spirit respond to this perceived ‘truth’ as being reality. 

We then develop unconscious behaviors and thoughts that move us away from your inner knowing and we find ourselves acting in fear instead of from (self-)love.


During the sessions we are looking for the way back to your authentic state of being. Living in full presence, energetically attuned to yourself, to intuition and connection to the universe. Together we uncover your ego’s reactions and develop habits coming from your true self instead.



'Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves and our experience ' - Jon Kabat-Zinn

And that is exactly what we are focusing on in the course. You will learn the difference between yourself and your thoughts and that you have a great influence on your physical and psychological health.


The course

During the lessons we will do a lot of focus exercises and learning to be in the here and the now. The exercises include a walking meditation, a chocolate meditation, a coffee or tea meditation and more. We will ‘zoom in’ on the littlest things and experience the most ordinary tasks or thing in a mindful manner. 

Result of the course

Studies have shown that meditation and mindfulness have many positive effects. Examples are being less agitated or anxious, stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, being able to cope with emotions, accepting things we cannot change and being more compassionate with ourselves and others. And you will be able to profit from those benefits. 


Growing inside

To me, meditation means to go inward, focus on what is going on inside of me. And in contrast to deep thought, we are not listening to our brain but letting go of that. We are constructed of the body, the mind and the soul, and in our time the mind has all the power. Let’s find ways to listen to the soul and body a lot more. 


The Course 

Some people have an image of a cross-legged monk who sits and chants for hours. I want you to let that go. Especially if you find the thought of sitting for a long time and thinking of nothing to be a challenging thoughts.

Everyday people with jobs or family or responsibilities are not even capable of not-having thoughts.

You can find so many ways to meditate. Think about postures, places to meditate and forms of meditation. During our course, we will explore a couple of possibilities such as focus sessions, walking meditations and breathing exercises. We will look at the topics of judgement, manifestations and the law of attraction. 

You will keep a diary and you will have some homework from me to test out practices and track your progress.

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